For All Industries

When it comes to choosing the right technical solution for your projects from a specific industry, we promise to deliver a bespoke solution. Right from Fintech and Banking industry to making projects in the real estate industry. From ideating solutions for Quick-Service Restaurants (QSRs) to carrying out political campaigns. And from drafting aggregator services to fabricating FMCG solutions for e-learning, telecom, and even NGO solutions, Unyscape takes you on your digital voyage.


In the evolving HealthCare Industry, you get custom healthcare solutions with Unyscape. Our experts with their proven set of strategies provide custom healthcare enterprise solutions including Electronic Health Records, E-prescribing, laboratory information, Health information exchange, HIS& Practice Management Software, and a lot more.


While you pledge to cater to the financial needs of your clients, our teams pledge to cater to your financial software development needs. With Unyscape you get ace strategies for financial planning, insurance, taxes, and much more.


For a robust banking system in a country, online banking systems need to be highly secured and encrypted. We implement and integrate ATM solutions, core banking systems, EMVs, develop secured and cross-platform compatible mobile banking apps, enable banking websites to be loan servicing & Origination compatible, and much more.


An unbiased insurance service is one of the basic rights for all humans. You get solutions like CRM software, insurance workflow automation software, policy management software, underwriting software, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning Software), insurance policy administration, and much more with us.


With finance, comes huge management and risk mitigation. You get a complete solution package for the finance industry here, with Unyscape. To get insights, you have portfolio management dashboards, investment data integrations of files like the CSV, QFX, QIF, etc.; integrate risk management & analysis, and much more.

Media & Entertainment

Media&Entertainment: The media and entertainment industry contributes to any digital success story, today. We embed state-of-the-art technology to create solutions like digital media and intellectual rights management, music, photography, portfolio making, content publishing, live streaming, and also professional-grade media content.

Meetings & Events

With booming internet services, the world has condensed and has become intricately connected. You meet a lot of people online with our meetings & events solutions like association management, dating apps, event management, web conferencing, and registration. We offer a variety of events’ solutions like in-person meetings, virtual events, hybrid events too. Dating apps make a classic example of this genre.


In an apace-evolving retail industry, software technology plays a crucial role in its smooth functioning. We, at Unyscape, provide retail solutions that just fit your retail needs. You get payment processing software, POS for mobile and desktop, self-service kiosks, retail management software, data analytics, and reporting, ERP solutions, and much more through Omni-channel retail systems.


The quick-paced FMCG market is getting even quicker day by day. Your FMCG custom solutions to display, distribute, market, custom-based inventory, and much more lie with our services and solutions. You get custom solutions like bottom-up business strategies, PIMs integration, and even business strategies.

E-Learning & Education

 With the transition in the learning pattern, e-learning has become a preferred mode of learning today. You get bespoke solutions for education and online learning, online reports for students, custom study material, attendance and staff management, in-app push notifications, and an endless list of custom e-learning solutions.

Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)

When technology has tapped into all spheres and industries, Quick Service Restaurants have imbibed the futuristic technology in their systems to provide ace services to their customers. This makes QSRs increasingly popular and swift-paced ventures in the food industry.

Aggregator Services

Easing out people from traversing hassles, aggregator services have started to take industrial shape. You and your customers get quick aggregator services, in a varied range of industries like food aggregators, finance aggregators, retail aggregators, etc.

Food & Beverage

If you wish to cater to Food & Beverage Industry, you get a plethora of solutions with Unyscape. We render distribution & delivery, inventory management, order tracking solutions, BI-powered POS solutions, graphical presentations of your outlet’s performance, and much more.

Hospitality & Travel

To cater to your hospitality& Travel needs, Unyscape integrates GDS into your systems and develop travel portals, make digital systems for casinos and restaurants, craft property management systems, OTA integration, and also Sabre integration for SaaS.

Energy & Utilities

With an acute need of tracking and managing sources of energy, you get responsible technical solutions in the Energy&Utilities industry that include water energy, Nuclear power plant software, utility tracking software, energy portfolio management, IoT integration, etc. that cater


Unyscape pledges to help people achieve pious ambitions. We assist you with the technical needs of your NGO and give a digital boost to empower it even further. You get solutions like accounting management, management of members, social media management, compliance management, and very importantly faith management.

Environmental Management

It is imperative to save our environment and your aims to mitigate environmental problems are met well with Unyscape. We offer digital and technical solutions like environmental risk management, environmental GIS mappingoperational database systems, compliance permits, audits, and even hazardous waste management.

Political Campaigns

Your political campaigns are well-conducted and assisted with Unyscape’s solutions. We help you automate your marketing, render event and resource management for you, collect demographic datacampaigning strategies, voter data assisting, making mobile canvassing apps, and much more.


We amalgamate fitness and technology to give you a chiseled solution that tracks fitness goals for you and your customers. You get apps and solutions like fitness club management sports analytics, sports performance analysis software, sports data management, and even GPS/GIS integrated athlete tracking technology to name a few.

Real Estate

To render technical requirements of the growing real estate industry, we offer you multiple solutions like Property management, and Multiple Listing Service, RETS, Real Estate Valuation Engines, IDX (Information Data Exchange), HOA, Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), payment and accounting software, BI powered automation and much more.


To entertain online game lovers, Unyscape also forages into the gaming industry. You get to enjoy extremely graphical, swiftly loading video games, augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR), mobile and tablet games, embedded motion capture software programming, and a lot more.


Telecommunication services make the backbone of all industries in today’s online space. To maintain robust telecom services, you get a package of upbeat solutions that include operations Support systems, network resources management, fraud and fault detection, customer billing, data reports and analytics, security and encryption, etc.

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