EightRooms today, seems like a seamless functioning website where visitors come and book rooms of their choice, but this entire system has got a lot to speak for itself. It entails stringent management, a streamlined flow, robust structure, a distinct inventory system, and much more to make a complete hotel management package. It welcomes users as guests and allows the admins to keep a bird-eye view of the availability of units, new bookings, payments and transactions, safety, security and privacy of guests’ and admins’ credentials, etc. EightRooms, today stands as one of the most celebrated hotels in Stockholm welcoming international guests vehemently.

Vendors Involved

  • Sirvoy booking services

Who is the client?

EightRooms is a Stockholm (Sweden) based exquisite hotel that enjoys a privileged location in the city. Welcoming its guests and prioritizing their needs and comfort, the hotel has tie-ups with the best and the most restful bed-providers of the city. The client does not compromise when it comes to guests’ comforts and thus maintains a strong ideology regarding the same.


  • Hospitality

Business Goals

  • Despite enjoying one of the prime locations of Stockholm, the client felt the pressing need to adopt a fast-paced system that could formalize their business.
  • The client initially relied on manual and conventional mode of payments, which were not only extremely time-consuming but were also prone to innumerable human-generated errors. This increasingly became a prime area of concern for EightRooms as a hotelier and also a competition to its contemporaries.
  • They needed to have a sturdy budgeting, data garnering, and analyzing system to gauge their brand’s growth.
  • The diverse system also required a perfectly matching UI for the system that would not only reflect the EightRooms’ ideology but also add to its aesthetic value.
  • The system also needed to be fluid in transition-cum-navigation, user and admin friendly, and welcoming for all, at the same time.


  • The greatest challenge involved with such gigantic management systems is the coherent transfer of requirements from the client’s side to the vendor.
  • The second greatest challenge comes for the vendor is to identify the most promising areas and the apertures of the project and engineering all of the components into one.
  • These apertures or focus areas surface post modeling up of the web portal in terms of CPAs and the converted clicks.
  • To stay upbeat in a highly competitive industry of hospitality and stabilizing the business.
  • To keep simplifying the increasing business complexities and to achieve real-time monitoring.


  • We designed the EightRooms’ website, where guests have access to insights of rooms, amenities, know about the nearby locations to explore in Stockholm, see rooms’ tariffs and also browse a lot more features.
  • EightRooms comes integrated with a multitude of smart functionalities like language selection, secured payment gateway, labor management, email-dispatching and notification, and real-time tracking of visitors, etc.
  • The premium-feel web portal of EightRooms is mobile-friendly, responsive, and is multiple-browser friendly.

Unyscape’s Solution

  • EightRooms very strategically chose Unyscape to sketch out their business model.
  • A business model with a modish UIs to harness data, analyze, budget, stronghold over inventory and staff, etc. and thus buzz up their business.
  • Unyscape’s strategy to blend ideation, anchoring the best technology, optimizing CPCs and regular monitoring proved to be a transformational phase for the client.

Technologies Used

Client’s benefits and Metrics

  • Automating the entire system for the Swedish hotelier and equipping it with business intelligence, proved to be a clear differentiator.
  • Its CPA reduced significantly and converted clicks shot up exponentially.
  • Further tracking the transition of the system from offline management to online management revealed that the solution opened up great business avenues for the client.
  • The hotelier certainly achieved a 360-degree view of the business, identified the areas of improvement, achieved informational accuracy, and emerged as a strong competitor to some already existing players in the market.
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    CPA Reduced

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    Converted Clicks Increased

Lessons imbibed

  • Having an optimal digital presence can even accentuate a plateaued business model.
  • Displaying rooms’ insights and amenities to customers online fetch huge conversion rates.
  • The digital strategies including infrastructure management and inventory management made the system less prone to human errors.

The Timeline

The project was under development phase for a few months and with the persevering efforts of the Unyscape’s team, it came to see the light of the day within the deadline. Unyscape even today occasionally renders its maintenance services to its cherished client.

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