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Deep Learning and ML

We offer scalable deep learning and machine learning solutions for your businesses to simplify the complex tasks that require neural networks. Our highly experienced engineers help you to integrate deep learning and ML technologies to make your business more rewarding.

Predictive Analytics

We provide cutting-edge solutions to extract actionable insights from existing data of customers and markets and to develop result-driven business strategies that lead to better business outcomes through machine learning algorithms.

Chatbot Services

Our Chatbot Services are specifically designed to help you have meaningful conversations with your existing and prospective customers. Unyscape provides custom bots tailored to your specific business needs and pain points that are required to answer your customers.

Image and Video Analytics

Our image recognition services enable you to find meaningful attributes in an image and bring out visual insights from them. Our analytics services help a range of industries from the medical to the agricultural domain to identify objects, recognize faces and discern events are to name a few.

Natural Language Processing

Our NLP solutions include sentiment analysis, text analysis, language detection, named entity extraction, document categorization, content classification, and POS tagging. NLP solutions help you perform large-scale data analysis at reduced costs and gain actionable insights.

Robot Process Automation

RPA automation allows you to create bots by observing human digital actions. You only need to show your bots what to do and let them do the work. RPA bots can work 24×7 days a week, much faster, and with 100% reliability and precision.

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Review Analysis / Rating Prediction

Identify potential areas of improvement, guage overall customer satisfaction, communicate brand messaging.

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Recommendation System

Search based recommendation system that recommends products based on the product descriptions.

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Customer Segmentation using RFM

RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) analysis is a proven marketing model for behaviour-based customer segmentation……..

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Our Process

Key Features



AI is able to automate a repetitive task that was previously done manually without feeling any fatigue or having to take breaks like a human employee would need to do.


AI can make products and services smarter and more effective by improving end-user experiences via capabilities like optimizing conversation bots and delivering better product recommendations.
Analytics & Testing


AI can analyze large-scale data at a faster rate than humans, allowing it to find patterns quickly and better understand the customer needs that humans would simply miss.


AI can be trained to become more accurate than humans, utilizingits ability to harvest and interpret data to come up with better decisions for tasks like picking financial investments or identifying cancerous growths on x-rays.


AI maximizes the value of data since it’s able to do a better job analyzing complex and multi-variate relationships of multiple variables in a data set with fewer mistakes.

Tools & Technologies

Engagement Models



Effective for projects where requirements are not likely to change significantly during the development process. We work with clients & businesses in software specification documentation & time-effort estimation of such type of projects.
Timely Delivery


You can extend your existing team by hiring more staff from our team as required. It requires high client involvement to supervise the augmented staff in which the Project Management and Technical Leadership remain on the client-side.


We can manage a wide range of projects and services such as new software product development, digital transformation, data analytics, Chatbot services, system maintenance, testing services, and other long-term services.


Agile software development requires a much higher level of collaboration between the client and our tech expertise and industry knowledge. It requires better understanding between each other to adapt to the task at hand.

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